Your Decisions !

......Your Destiny !!

The Blueprint of your life is in your Unconcious Decisions

Grace Heals you !!

What I do

I am a  Breakthrough Coach,
Inner-child Healer and Life Strategist  

Breakthrough Coach.

Create a lasting transformation, using cutting edge techniques of NLP . Help you achieve a laser sharp focus and energy to overcome life’s challenges  and achieve your Goals

Emotional Healer

Clear the emotional density and charge from the traumatic experiences of the past  that has been holding you from living your life fully with enthusiasm and joy

Life Stratagist.

Your Destiny is Shaped by your Decisions and your Decisions by your Beliefs , Change your belief change your life , Create the life you Deserve through Love and  inner Strength 

Want to Breakthrough?

Change your Beliefs ! Change your life ,not through advice but through deep inner life experiences .

Courses & Programs

Welcome to the world of Healing and Breakthrough Conciousness . These programs are designed and executed with utmost care an immense awareness of the limitations and the grandness of human psyche. With an intention that every person should receive grace, wisdom, healing and empowerment to make the best of their lives  

Testimonial !!

“ I didn’t know healing an emotional wound that I had been carrying for decades could be healed in minutes, So much of anguish, bitterness, and self pity released so quickly.  I wish I had found Shenode earlier.  Gratitude for the Loving and the non judgemental  session” I am feeling so blessed and filled with grace , inspiration and love .

My story

A healer by heart, a strategist and performance coach, I got educated to be a software professional and initially served companies like Dell, C3i as a part of IT support team under various roles.         
                A behavior and change management enthusiast I have always been curious of knowing why anybody would do anything that they do !! , What is it that drives a person ?  I started off as an amateur to interact with people knowing their deeper needs and their response systems, which served me as a live laboratory for my own understanding of human behavior.           
                 As a healer I would look out for more tools to serve and benefit the people I was meeting. This curiosity drove me further in learning more about intricacies of human behavior. I started learning linguistics, how language affects human behavior, 

 I also got certified in the following, which catapulted my experience and knowledge. 

# Certified as a NLP Practitioner 

American Board of NeuroLinguistic Programming(ABNLP)   

#  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Level 3 Practice. (AAMET structure) 

# Certified as a Breakthrough Coach

A Breakthrough Coach, doing interventions and empowerment workshops for various categories of people in different parts of our country, a few of the experiential workshops 

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.